Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance protects your business against the impact of a customer’s failure to pay, due to their Insolvency or Default.

The Insurer will back your judgment, based on sound trading history, or status information, to establish cover on your main customer base, and provide in-depth analysis, and commercial awareness, to agree with you suitable credit limits where more substantial balances are involved – or enable you to identify those who represent a higher than acceptable credit risk.

Provision for intervention against delinquent payers can be included in the deal, or you can opt for the flexibility of managing aged debtors without an Insurer’s oversight.

Ultimately though, a Credit Insurance Policy typically pays 90% of a VAT exclusive debt in the event of a customer’s Insolvency or Default.

TCIC will guide you through the various options, and the sources that offer them, and provide back-up for the lifetime of your Policy.